Let’s face it — direct procurement technology hasn’t really kept pace with the times. Many enterprises continue to use a mix of legacy ERP systems and multiple standalone tools to manage their direct spend, stifling the capabilities and performance of their procurement teams.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

A new white paper — Reimagining Direct Procurement Technology: Why It’s Time to Move Beyond ERPs and Legacy Systems — examines the evolution of the role and needs of direct procurement teams over the years and how technology hasn’t been able to support these changes. It also discusses the pitfalls of using legacy ERP systems and bolt-on tools to manage direct spend.

Why Read It:

  • Understand the need for new, more effective direct procurement technology
  • Discover the strategic advantages of using a next-gen AI-powered, data-driven procurement platform
  • Learn how next-gen direct procurement technology can enable agile and effective decision-making

Read today to learn how new tech can help you transform direct spend management and deliver greater strategic value to the enterprise.