Rethinking Direct Materials Sourcing Rethinking

Direct materials sourcing is evolving, with procurement now tasked not only with cost efficiency but managing sustainability and risk management. The environment is marked by heightened demand and expectations, compounded by challenges such as rising input prices, supply chain disruptions and geopolitical tensions.

While some embrace cutting-edge tools like AI and blockchain for global trade functions, others lag in technology adoption.

A new GEP-sponsored SMI white paper — Rethinking Direct Materials Sourcing: The Tools You Need To Manage Costs, Risks and Sustainability — delves into the shifting dynamics of direct materials sourcing, addressing challenges and advocating for a strategic reassessment to drive operational enhancements and elevate job satisfaction in this evolving landscape.

What’s Inside:

  • Overcoming ongoing challenges, including lack of visibility and poor communication
  • Balancing sourcing requirements, suppliers, cost, risks and sustainability goals
  • Empowering decision-makers with the right direct materials sourcing tools

This paper is a must-read for procurement pros looking to leverage modern tools to revamp their direct materials sourcing strategy.

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