A New Calling for Procurement A New Calling for Procurement

Digital transformation has been a priority for many enterprises. The pandemic has only made it a pressing one.

But it involves significant spend and delivery risks. And with cash flows under pressure, there’s no room to leave any value on the table.

This is where your procurement team can shine.

A new GEP paper – A New Calling for Procurement: Championing Digital Business Transformation – discusses why and how your procurement team should be playing a larger, more active role in enterprise-wide digital procurement transformation.

It also explains how you can collaborate effectively with IT and function leaders to optimize value from digital investments.

What you’ll learn:

  • Procurement’s role in building the digital road map
  • 3 types of digital transformations and how to manage them
  • How to partner with the right strategic suppliers

Read now to understand how your procurement team can be a strategic advisor and trusted business partner in the enterprise’s digital transformation journey.

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