Amazingly, we seem to have reached a point where large-scale data security breaches involving top-tier global enterprises are treated as (almost) normal occurrences. The CIO, however, can never treat cyber threats as “normal.” CIOs can never let down their guard when it comes to responsibility for IT security.

We have a suggestion to make the CIO’s cybersecurity responsibility a little easier: Partner with procurement. It’s a smart move for the CIO who wants to address every significant area of potential vulnerability to cyber threats. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Procurement interfaces directly with suppliers – which can number in the thousands for large global enterprises
  • Procurement generates enormous amounts of transactional data
  • This data generates valuable intelligence that directly influences the company’s growth prospects and competitive advantage

Our new installment in the Insight IT series, Security: The Challenge of Protecting Your Company’s Data, Systems and Intelligence, discusses the compelling opportunity for procurement and IT to work together to create a robust defense against cyber threats, thereby reinforcing the overall security profile of the enterprise.

Get your copy today, and start leading the charge to beef up your company’s cybersecurity strategy.