Sourcing and Implementing Chatbots Sourcing and Implementing Chatbots

People don’t exactly love dealing with insurance companies. And insurance companies — well, they know that customer centricity is critical, but so are lower operating costs and greater efficiency. Many insurance companies are turning to chatbots to help them check all these boxes.

But chatbots often elicit lots of questions from these firms. Are they a good investment? Do they really work in a customer-facing context? What’s behind this “intelligent” technology?

A new white paper from GEP, Sourcing and Implementing Chatbots: A Guide for Procurement Pros, is the definitive guide to this tech solution, explaining how it can deliver innovation and value while advancing digital business transformation.

What’s Inside:

  • The 3 big challenges faced by multi-product insurance firms
  • Strategies for successfully implementing a chatbot solution
  • How to get the most out of chatbot technology

Read now to learn how procurement can help insurance firms use chatbots to balance all of their most urgent priorities.

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