If procurement is going to continue enhancing its capability to create real business value, then its key functions such as category management have to continue progressing toward best-in-class. Top-performing category managers don’t just save their companies money — they also assess risks, pursue innovation, gather market intelligence and hone their skills at planning and forecasting.

GEP’s biannual SPEND DIRECTION report is an invaluable resource for those who aspire to be the stars of the procurement team. Drawing upon the combined expertise of GEP’s global category experts, the report presents compelling supply market intelligence and actionable insights for nine critical spend categories encompassing direct and indirect procurement. It also provides perspectives and practical guidance on disruptive technologies, changing market dynamics and new spend management strategies. 

What’s Inside:

  • Top trends in nine spend categories, including direct materials and commodities
  • Challenges and opportunities resulting from geopolitical and economic shifts
  • Impacts of digitization, automation and disruptive technologies on industries and categories

Get the new issue of SPEND DIRECTION today, and start pointing the way toward best-in-class for your procurement team.

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