Secrets of Highly Innovative CIOs Secrets of Highly Innovative CIOs

You know that “digital future” we’ve talked about so much? It’s not the future anymore. It’s here. New technologies are finding their way into every nook and cranny of every type of enterprise. Business leaders are urgently seeking guidance on how to turn dramatic technological change into real competitive advantage.

For IT teams, that capital “I” now needs to stand for “innovation” as much as “information.” But what is the difference between technology innovation and simple technology enablement? And how does the CIO go from being an IT order-taker to next-gen technology leader?

A good place to look for answers is in the Spring 2018 edition of the CIO digital magazine from IDG, brought to you by GEP. Features include:

  • An insightful and revealing cover story, “Secrets of Highly Innovative CIOs
  • Five breakthrough trends in IoT
  • Three important considerations for redesigning the IT organization
  • New approaches to innovation for facilitating digital transformation

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