Supply Chain Evolution Supply Chain Evolution

Supply chains aren’t the same anymore. And it’s not just because of the pandemic.

Enterprises want more from their supply chains besides making them disruption-proof.

What’s powering this evolution? It’s rapid digital transformation.

In a survey by The Economist Intelligence Unit, more than 70% of supply chain executives said they’ve increased collaboration of supply chain with other functions. Nearly 40% said they’re using big data analytics for real-time insights.

What are the other survey trends reshaping supply networks in 2021?

Find out the answers in this important report — Supply Chain Evolution: Digital Transformation Is the Way Forward — from The Economist Intelligence Unit.

Inside the report:

  • What’s on the mind of top supply chain and procurement executives
  • Their strategies to make supply chains efficient and stronger
  • Interviews with experts and case studies from BP and Airbus

This report is a must-read for supply chain and procurement leaders who want to know the pulse of the market and make better long-term decisions.

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