The COVID-19 vaccine is ready, but the journey to get it to millions of people around the world is only just beginning — and there’ll be enormous logistical challenges along the way.

The supply chain’s capacity for such a massive rollout is untested. Temperatures, transportation distances, volume — even the timing of the vaccine’s second dose — are all make-or-break factors.

Given these variables, supply chain visibility and transparency are more urgent than ever.

A new GEP paper, Supply Chain Strategies for COVID-19 Vaccine: Preparing for Purchasing, Production and Distribution, explores how pharmaceutical companies and their partners are gearing up for a global inoculation initiative unlike any other in recent history.

What’s Inside:

  • Strategies for taming this complex supply chain
  • Five expert tips for building an agile vaccine distribution plan
  • How to choose — and use — the right enterprise digital solution to reduce supply chain uncertainty and risk

This paper is required reading for all supply chain professionals confronting this unique challenge.