Let’s be frank: supply chain and procurement have some catching up to do. The customer-facing side of many businesses has been deploying disruptive technologies for some time to predict the behavior of customers and markets. Isn’t it time procurement and supply chain began operating in similar, forward-looking fashion by adopting cutting-edge technology to harness data and use it to drive decision-making and predictive insights?

This exclusive piece from Procurement Leaders and GEP, “Technology as Strategy: The New Game Plan for Procurement and Supply Chain Management,” makes the case for procurement and supply chain to stop thinking about technology as a means to an end, and start basing strategy on the capabilities of new and emerging technologies. It also shares insights from CPOs at market-leading enterprises and industry experts on their plans to mobilize data, digitization and disruptive technologies to unlock new opportunities and efficiencies.

A must-read for every progress-oriented enterprise leader.

What’s Inside

  • Why technology-as-a-strategy will define success for organizations
  • New opportunities being created for procurement and supply chain managers as a result of digitization
  • Real case studies on tech-powered transformation projects