B2B's Exodus to E-Commerce B2B's Exodus to E-Commerce

Before 2020, e-commerce had been slowly chipping away at brick and mortar.

Then COVID happened, and suddenly every company — and consumer — embraced the  convenience and safety of digital experiences.

The consequence? Procurement teams are scrambling to support a truly omnichannel supply chain.

A new Procurement Leaders paper, The B2B Exodus to E-Commerce: How Procurement Can Prepare for a Strategic Shift, explores effective strategies to help enterprises quickly and effectively adapt to changing consumer expectations and market dynamics.

What’s Inside:

  • The need for omnichannel supply chains
  • Five critical things enterprises can do right now
  • The risks of pivoting to e-commerce without a strategic plan

The paper is a must-read for procurement leaders overwhelmed by today’s demand for e-commerce and the services that support it.

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