Of all the technology investments potentially impacting the bottom line, supply chain digitization is the one that strategic CIOs should look very hard at. Customers are upending established delivery models for products and services. This means that data needs to be managed very differently up and down the enterprise supply chain to gain end-to-end insights and visibility.

In this brave new world, what role should the CIO play in supply chain transformation? And how are new, disruptive technologies — AI, robotics, cloud computing, automation — creating the framework for the transformed supply chain?

GEP and CIO have teamed up to present an essential guide for CIOs and IT professionals who want a better handle on the new supply chain technology model — The Data-Centric Supply Chain: What CIOs Should Know.

What’s Inside:

  • The “Four Vs” that need to be managed as part of a supply chain transformation
  • Why strategic CIOs need to adopt an “outside-in” supply chain model
  • The key disruptive digital technologies that will ultimately create competitive advantage

Read it now to start getting the answers you’ll need to the supply chain questions you haven’t even been asked yet.

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