The Principles of Business Process Partnering The Principles of Business Process Partnering

It’s ironic. Procurement leaders effectively lead and drive outsourcing contracts for their colleagues in the enterprise. But when it comes to procurement outsourcing, their inordinate focus on SLAs and stringent contract terms often stymies the value potential of the relationship with the service provider.

How do you avoid this? How can you drive greater value and collaboration from your procurement outsourcing partner?

In a new white paper, The Principles of Business Process Partnering, experts from HfS Research share proven-effective rules of engagement for procurement outsourcing to create a win-win partnership with your procurement service provider. The paper also features key do’s and don’ts for procurement leaders to enable greater synergy and collaboration with their outsourcing partners. Read today to build and sustain a high-impact relationship with your procurement service provider.  

Inside the paper:

  • Five principles of business process partnering
  • Barriers to effective outsourcing partnerships
  • Dos and don’ts for procurement outsourcing
  • Real business examples

The paper is complimentary to all sourcing and procurement pros from GEP. Read it today.



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