The Rise of the Hydrogen Economy The

Hydrogen can diversify today’s energy mix, with the additional advantage of helping achieve sustainability goals. The challenge: Most hydrogen is consumed where it is produced because of distribution limitations.

To take advantage of the increased interest in hydrogen, oil and gas leaders have to develop new distribution strategies. In this paper — The Rise of the Hydrogen Economy: An Opportunity for Oil & Gas Companies — GEP experts share their strategies for more widespread use of hydrogen. Learn how leveraging existing natural gas infrastructure would avoid the significant capital costs of developing a new transmission and distribution infrastructure.

What’s Inside:

  • How carbon capture can pave the way for the short-term production of clean hydrogen
  • An in-depth look at how one project captures, transports and stores underground more than one million tons of CO2
  • The role of supply chain consulting firms in identifying and leveraging procurement synergies in the energy sector

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