The Strategic CPO The Strategic CPO

Right now, the heat’s on procurement to make enterprises more competitive by delivering more value and innovation, not just more savings. Like Superman in the phone booth, today’s CPOs need to change quickly into strategic thinkers and trusted advisors. But how is this possible when they get bogged down in laborious tasks (think RFx) that take days and even weeks to execute?

The short answer: new technology. Automating and streamlining complex processes could put CPOs in a much better position to focus on providing real leadership within the enterprise.

This new white paper by GEP and Supply Management Insider, The Strategic CPO: Redefining Leadership Priorities in the Transformed Procurement Organization, makes the case for CPOs to rethink their approach to people, processes and technology. By doing so, they can free themselves to come fully into a strategic advisor’s role, focused on three critical priorities: managing risk, creating value and being agile enough to respond to threats and opportunities.

This paper is a must-read for procurement leaders looking to enhance their ability to deliver sustainable, value-driven results for the enterprise.

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