The Supply Chain Convergence Playbook The

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed flaws and gaps in supply chain and procurement operations, and two years in, organizations are still trying to find ways to overcome them. How can they make the necessary changes to mend the disconnects and build resilient supply chains? The answer is convergence.

A new GEP white paper, The Supply Chain Convergence Playbook: How To Fix Organizational Gaps and Boost Resilience and Performance, provides a how-to for convergence with a 4-step plan for addressing disconnects — by making improvements in critical areas such as technology, procurement and supply chain that future-proof organizations as well as enhance operations.

What’s Inside:

  • The gaps between sourcing and procurement that disruptions such as the pandemic have exposed
  • How convergence can align priorities between stakeholders within the enterprise
  • Tactics organizations can use to address gaps, such as leveraging institutional knowledge to find solutions and using technology to gain supply chain visibility

This paper is a must-read for supply chain leaders looking to build more resilient supply chains and improve long-term organizational performance.

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