In 2021, public sector procurement professionals faced a series of unprecedented challenges, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Heading into 2022, what areas should these pros prioritize to deliver on their missions and better serve their citizens?

A new GEP white paper — The Top Priorities for Public Sector Procurement Within the United States for 2022 — highlights 11 trends and initiatives that public sector procurement professionals should keep at the forefront of their minds in the new year to deliver results that more effectively serve the public while increasing operational efficiency.

What’s Inside:

  • The 11 key actions for enhancing public sector procurement operations in 2022
  • How technology plus the power of people drives true transformation
  • How these 11 priorities can lead to better decision making, improved processes and more effective change management, among other benefits

This paper is a must-read for public sector procurement professionals who are looking for insight on upcoming trends in the new year and where to focus procurement efforts to survive disruption.

Theme: Procurement