Three Reasons IT Resists Procurement Software Investments Three Reasons IT Resists Procurement Software Investments

Procurement has done the hard work — evaluating procurement technology solutions and zeroing in on the right one that will enable digital transformation and next-level performance. But there’s one major hurdle on this journey to procurement maturity — getting buy-in from the IT department.

That’s a tough one. While procurement advocates for its chosen software, IT will often counter with a different solution — or even dispute any need for a new solution. How can procurement and IT find common ground?

In this new piece, Three Reasons IT Resists Procurement Software Investments, Spend Matters and GEP explore the reasons why IT often questions new procurement software adoption, and share strategies for achieving a successful joint outcome.

What’s Inside:

  • The key issues and challenges driving new procurement software investments
  • Assessing procurement’s organizational maturity and IT’s justifiable concerns
  • Short-term results vs. long-term tech stability

A must-read for procurement and IT leaders seeking better alignment of digital transformation strategies.

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