The Case for Unifying Direct & Indirect Procurement Technology The Case for Unifying Direct & Indirect Procurement Technology

New and disruptive technologies are blurring the differences between direct and indirect procurement. In the future, businesses may decide to merge them, continue to keep them as separate units — it’s easier to maintain the status quo as both functions are culturally very different — or get them to work in tandem, but as the global economy slows down and there are further cost pressures on procurement, it will become crucial for both functions to be empowered by the same technology.

This white paper — One Function, One Platform: The Case for Unifying Direct & Indirect Technology — explores the impact of new technologies on the two functions; what they can learn from each other; and the necessity of burying differences and sharing common processes and data, which can only happen through digital transformation and a unified source-to-pay technology platform.

A must-read for CPOs and procurement professionals looking to add value to their function and give their organization a competitive advantage.

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