There’s constant pressure on procurement leaders to reduce costs. But after addressing the low-hanging fruit, where do you go from there?

Because of its perceived complexity, MRO spend tends to be overlooked as a source of cost reduction. But when you apply the right strategies, it’s possible to achieve significant savings.

A new white paper from GEP — Unlocking Cost-Reduction Opportunities in MRO: How to Tame Seemingly Unaddressable Spend — details exactly how procurement leaders can impact their bottom line by taking a closer look at how they manage MRO.

What’s Inside:

  • The challenges of MRO sourcing — and what to do about them
  • Specific strategies to unlock greater savings in your MRO sourcing
  • Change management and post-sourcing best practices

This is a must-read for procurement leaders looking for new ways to minimize costs and keep their enterprises on the most competitive footing.