You can’t afford inefficiencies in the oil and gas business. Amid price and demand volatility, not having real-time visibility and control on the supply chain can lead to wasteful spending and loss of productivity. How do you avoid this?

A new white paper from GEP and TechTarget — Fuel for Growth: Why Oil & Gas Companies Need Next-Gen Digital Supply Chains to Thrive — looks at the two key elements in modernizing the upstream supply chain ecosystem: data quality and data visibility.

And the most efficient way to achieve these is by tightly integrating supply chain and procurement under a unified data-driven software platform built on cloud delivery to quickly improve operations and margins.

What’s Inside:

  • Ways to improve data capture with intuitive tech
  • How to leverage automation to cut cost and risk
  • How to optimize supply chain operations with analytics

This is a must-read paper for supply chain leaders in the oil and gas industry looking to save on spend and increase efficiency in their upstream operations.