Packaging accounts for a lot of waste, which can keep enterprises from meeting sustainability goals. In their quest to achieve eco-friendly objectives, businesses must understand consumer concerns and carefully examine product life cycles — particularly when it comes to packaging. How can procurement lead the sustainability initiative?

A new GEP white paper — Why Procurement Should Drive Sustainable Packaging Goals for the Enterprise — outlines the reasons procurement is key to addressing the sourcing sustainability challenge. Learn the steps your team should take to drive the adoption of packaging that will ease the impact on the planet.

What’s Inside:

  • Why total cost of ownership is a key driver of procurement’s packaging sustainability efforts
  • How to work with suppliers to develop eco-friendly raw materials and components
  • How to leverage tools such as enterprise carbon management as well as carbon and energy footprint analysis

This paper is a must-read for CPOs who want to take a leadership role in sustainability.

Theme: Sustainability