Debunking Best-of-Breed Debunking Best-of-Breed

Here’s a great idea to solve procurement’s systemic challenges and achieve transformation: Take a hodgepodge of specialized “best-of-breed” software from different vendors, bolt them together with the digital equivalent of duct tape, and announce that the resulting “ecosystem” is the new paradigm for procurement excellence.

That, of course, is hogwash. It’s insupportable and impractical. It will waste enormous amounts of time and money, and leave procurement teams in a much worse position than they started in.

GEP’s new white paper, Debunking Best-of-Breed: Why the Single-Software Strategy Is the Only Way to Transform Procurement, counters the best-of-breed approach by presenting the strong case for a unified procurement system provided by a single vendor. It supports this case by listing seven of procurement’s most critical strategic goals and demonstrating how unified software can keep an organization on track toward these goals.

What’s Inside:

  • The main reasons why organizations succeed (hint: it’s not by having jillions of tech features and functions)
  • Impacts of the different technology approaches on compliance, adoption and maintenance
  • Key questions leaders need to ask when assessing different procurement solutions

If your goal is to make well-considered technology investments that work in the real world and enable you to create real value, read this paper.

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