Global Fast-Food Chain Develops Supply Risk Mitigation Strategy With GEP Global

Dissatisfied with one of its key vendors in the U.K., a leading fast-food chain with thousands of restaurants across the world sought to diversify its supply base with the strategic aim of bolstering resilience and reducing costs.

The Fortune 500 company was also keen to reduce its dependence on exports from the U.K. and shorten its supply networks, thereby mitigating future supply risks.

Find out how GEP helped the company identify alternative locations and suppliers across Europe that were reliable, more transparent and offered better rates than the existing vendor.

What’s Inside:

  • Identifying strategic locations and suppliers in Europe
  • Developing supply models to cut network distance by 25%
  • €3.2M annual gain in product cost and freight savings

This case study is a must-read for procurement professionals looking to reduce supplier dependency and ensure supply security.

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