Acquisition Strategy

Many government and nonprofit organizations fail to develop a clear, data-driven acquisition strategy due to complex processes, decentralized acquisition and lack of visibility into their current spend.

GEP helps government and nonprofit organizations develop effective acquisition strategies that align to their mission needs. We analyze the current capabilities of organizations and identify what’s critical to fulfil their mission. Our consultants determine the dependencies of the new capabilities on other parts of the organization to ensure a smooth run during acquisition and all the current capability needs are met throughout the transition.

With extensive acquisition and procurement expertise in both the commercial and government space, GEP is well positioned to help government and nonprofit acquisition organizations analyze the current lay of the land around new and existing capabilities.

To develop the right acquisition strategy, organizations need the data-driven insights into current spend on capabilities as well as what is going on in the marketplace.

With over 15 years of experience in procurement and supply chain services for hundreds of clients across the world, GEP offers unmatched market intelligence and insights for thousands of categories to help you develop the most effective acquisition strategies that drive the least total cost of ownership for your organization.

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