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What are forward auctions?

Forward auctions are, essentially, eAuctions in which bidding starts with the lowest possible price and the bid value increases gradually. Such auctions usually feature a single supplier offering goods or services and buyers competing against each other by submitting higher bids. The highest bid wins.

GEP SMART™, with its advanced buying analytics, enables procurement organizations to set custom-bidding parameters, ensuring that everyone has a fair chance of winning contracts. Learn more about GEP’s real-time eAuction platform solutions.

World's Leading, Unified Source-to-Pay Platform for Direct and Indirect Spend Management

GEP SMART is an AI-powered, cloud-native source-to-pay platform for direct and indirect procurement. GEP SMART offers comprehensive source-to-pay functionality in one user-friendly platform, inclusive of spend analysis, sourcing, contract management, supplier management, procure-to-pay, savings project management and savings tracking, invoicing and other related functionalities.

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Next-Gen, End-to-End Supply Chain Management Platform for the Connected Enterprise 

GEP NEXXE is a unified and comprehensive supply chain platform that provides end-to-end planning, visibility, execution and collaboration capabilities for today’s complex, global supply chains. Built on a foundation of data, artificial intelligence and cognitive technologies, GEP NEXXE helps enterprises digitally transform their supply chains and turn them into a competitive advantage.

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