Facilities Management: Key Differentiators for Transformation in APAC Markets

FM sourcing managers across the globe are trying to consolidate their supply bases in order to achieve significant cost savings and ease of management.

Sourcing Strategies for Laptops and Desktops

Procurement professionals are expected to continue generating savings opportunities from a category where the supplier base is fast consolidating, making negotiations on existing contracts (and supplier selection) a strategic issue. Given these circumstances, the buying approach needs to be carefully thought-out incorporating certain strategic best practices.

Will the Growing Adoption of Retail Direct Data Replace Syndicated?

For decades, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) firms have been dependent on third party companies to provide them with store data for their products on different levels. Syndicated data providers, offer data on stores and products, in a geographic market or channel across categories. They also offer competitor data to help CPG companies plan their sales, promotions and marketing strategies. However, the recent trend shows movement towards a larger collaboration of retailers and CPG companies.

Trends in the Office Supplies Industry

The office supplies sector is undergoing a transformation that is reshaping the industry. Some of the most interesting changes include evolving customer demands, technological shifts, falling demand for traditional office supply products, and increasing competition/price reduction.

Asian Petrochemical Producers Prepare for the Middle East Wave

Petrochemical producers across Asia are preparing themselves for competition with a new wave of material from the Middle East that is expected to hit the Asian shore soon. As new Middle East production is targeted towards Asian buyers, Asian producers are investigating a range of feedstock and technology options to help them compete in terms of cost and to maintain a strong foothold in the already crowded global market.

Key Elements of an Effective Corporate Car Policy

There is growing prominence and adoption of corporate vehicles as perks for employees, making it necessary for HR and Procurement managers to keep abreast of key trends in this domain. Key considerations for a corporate car policy include practices common in the industry, methods of policy allocation and avenues for cost saving in your vehicle program.

Shale Gas Development in Europe - Myth or Reality?

Europe continues to depend on imports for its energy needs, be it for oil or for gas, but no major developments for shale gas are expected in the coming years due to a number of factors.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Sponsorships in the Sports Industry

Marketers around the globe annually spend $50 billion on sponsorships, but industry research reveals that between 30 to 50 percent of companies don’t have systems in place to comprehensively measure sponsorship ROI.

Overcoming Challenges in Pharmaceutical Competitive Intelligence

The space of pharmaceutical competitive intelligence (CI) is becoming increasingly complex with increasing numbers of influencers and channels reaching out to them. In the current fluidic landscape, understanding a competitor’s move plays a vital role in structuring business strategies.

Propane: Key Shifts in the U.S. Domestic Market

U.S. exports of propane have increased fivefold since 2011 and surged 10 percent in April 2016 as compared to last year. The increase in export activities has made the U.S. a dominant force in the propane market after the shale gas boom.

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