Developing a Sourcing Strategy for Lab Consumables

The category of lab consumables is often overlooked due to both spend and diversity in terms of the products sourced. Large global companies have the potential to save millions by implementing new sourcing and pricing models.

Key Trends in Renewable Energy

Companies around the world are leveraging various forms of technology to improve energy efficiency.

Pectin Market Squeezed by Citrus Supply

Over the past 3 years, the price of pectin products has risen by an average of 70 percent, due to a marketplace shortage of its key raw material, citrus peels. So what’s in store for buyers this year? What products can serve as potential alternatives?

What Brexit Means for the UK Temp Labor Market

The recent Brexit vote has fueled political chaos in the United Kingdom, with economic uncertainty pushing the pound to a 30-year low toward the end of last month. How is the referendum vote to leave the EU community likely to impact the temp labor landscape? How can HR and talent managers prepare for these uncertain times?

Managing Currency Risk in Procurement

The adage that the only constant is change is especially true in regards to currencies. It is important for procurement professionals to periodically revisit their contracts and ensure they are not caught off guard.

How Technology Is Impacting Management Consulting

Over the past decade, the management consulting sector has grown significantly to become one of the most dynamic service industries worldwide. This growth can be attributed to ongoing economic change, a strong development in IT and increasing globalization that constantly prompts clients to adopt various organizational procedures, structures and technology.

Overcoming Production Decoupling Challenges

In the past, creative agencies would identify the production houses they wanted to work with, and the agencies would add a hidden markup of 4-5% to the production cost that was subsequently passed through to their clients. This practice began to change with the rise of production decoupling, where marketers would choose the production houses with which the agencies would work.

A Perspective on Refrigerated Container Trade Growth

The refrigerated container market has been growing at a healthy pace over the past few years. With specialized reefer capacity expected to fall further, the growth in demand for refrigerated container capacity is expected to outpace the growth for dry container slots.

Changing Dynamics - Pharmaceutical Market Access

Pharmaceutical companies have been increasingly focused on their market access strategies, with market access becoming the key concern amid tightening healthcare budgets. Market access primarily denotes the process by which a pharmaceutical company makes its product available to the patient population.

Brexit’s Potential Impact on Logistics

Markets around the globe are in turmoil following Britain’s decision to leave the European Union. The British Pound came down more than 11%, stocks fell, and government bond yields entered uncharted territory.

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