Impact of the IMS/Quintiles Merger

Healthcare Information provider IMS Health is expected to merge with leader in CRO space Quintiles Transnational by October 2016. IMS Health has agreed to buy Quintiles for USD 9 Billion & the merged entities total market capitalisation is worth USD 18 Billion. The merged entity, to be called Quintiles IMS Holdings, will be the house for best of pharma research skills and analytical data.

Key Trends in Temp Labor and Recruitment Services

Though uncertainty regarding Brexit has resulted in the rise of temporary jobs in UK, it is still too early to predict the post-Brexit era. New immigration policy, labor laws and rights post-Brexit will be the key in determining how the staffing industry needs to adapt to the new Employment Landscape.

Time for Sourcing to Wake Up to the Internet of Things (IoT) Opportunity

Unless one has been living under a rock for a while, chances are that the concept of ‘Internet of Things,’ commonly referred to as the IoT, is very familiar. Simply put, IoT is the network of physical objects that contain embedded technology enabling communication or interaction with their internal states and the external environment. IoT is translating the fevered imagination of science fiction novelists into hard reality as the examples of connected home, connected car, wearables, smart lights, and smart washers are materializing all around us.

Gamification as an Emerging Medical Education Channel

Gamification is a trending topic in the areas of patient disease awareness and education, HCP training for complex concepts and Patient Condition Management (Emerging). Pharma companies develop their own games with the help of interactive agencies and also fund innovative games.

Industrial MRO Standardization

With thousands of line items in place, maintaining optimum inventory levels per standards becomes a critical factor. Sheer diversity of spare parts, from fasteners to pumps and pulleys to lubricants, leads to huge amounts of data, consisting of line items with typical per unit spend size of a few dollars.

Emerging Trends in Digital Media

Advertisers are entering an era of precise targeting and subscription-funded viewing platforms. Marketers are adopting more sophisticated online and mobile media plans to improve synergies across the overall media mix, comprised of online video content, news and information sites, special interest content sites, social media, gaming, online retail, review platforms and search.

Business Trend: Bring Your Own Device

BYOD (bring your own device) is becoming a key priority for many organizations, and in couple of years, it is anticipated that it will be widely adopted across industry verticals. The responsibility now sits with sourcing managers to understand the impact of BYOD on their outsourced IT environment, and ensure coverage for employee-owned assets.

Ad Injectors: A Menace Crippling the Online Ad Industry

Ad fraud poses a major threat to online advertising space. Tools called ad injectors insert ads into webpages without rightfully purchasing ad space from publishers. Companies are working to tackle this problem in several ways.

Changing Dynamics in the Managed Print Services Market

Managed Print Services (MPS) brings together everything from printers and supplies to maintenance and support, under a single ongoing contract. MPS has been gaining momentum over the past few years as it offers benefits such as cost savings and energy efficiencies, primarily driven by rationalization of fleets and single points of contact for support.

Trends in IT Procurement

Digital interruptions and the technologies behind them are transforming business frameworks. Procurement, like other business functions, has been engulfed in this wave of transformation.

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