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  • The global logistics sector is now adapting technology for efficient operations which, in turn, is helping their clients to save billions of dollars. This adoption of technology allows transparency and real-time situational awareness in addition to...
  • The future is on the way, one disruption at a time. The fevered imaginations of science fiction novelists are already being translated into reality in ways one could have never imagined. The giant strides that automation technologies – Robotics...
  • Air travel demand is expected to grow at a healthy rate of four percent over the next two decades, reaching an overall travel volume of 7.2 billion passengers per year. Subsiding oil prices and a high volume of travel from Asia Pacific is expected...
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Now that is fine if I can indeed dntmesorate that I do offer better terms
How well do you know your telecom newortk?
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The point you make is interesting and soemtimes valid.
Thank God! Someone with brains speaks!
At last! Soenome who understands! Thanks for posting!
Great thinking! That really breaks the mold!
A million thanks for posting this information.
Kudos! What a neat way of thinking about it.
Home run! Great slugging with that answer!
Cool! That's a clever way of looking at it!
All of these articles have saved me a lot of headaches.
Ah, I see. Well that's not too tricky at all!
Mike, I'm not sure this is the high wire act you suggest.
GEP's ability to integrate with eForms/PeopleSoft, eliminates redundan
Your blog was very interesting to read.
A Gartner report about "Best Practices for Choosing, Implementing and
I like the approach its pretty straight forward and workable.
Interesting perspective offering an all new direction to procurement transf
A comprehensive strategic sourcing program often calls for consolidation of
When a company can get the contract management and the purchasing working t
I recognize a lot of the issues mentioned in this article, during my work a
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