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Self-Service Content Management

Have it your way, see only what you want and nothing more, filter out irrelevant information and get access only to what really matters – it’s all possible with Self-Service Content Management from GEP SMARTTM. The highly configurable content repository gives you unmatched flexibility to completely define how you need it to work for you.

Directly manage all the content displayed on your procurement portal, filtering material related to specific categories, sub-functions or resources. Personalize your portal with documents and processes important to just your area of work – name entire content groupings or individual data fields using your preferred format or taxonomy.

Designed for high levels of flexibility and customization, our self-service portal gives you the power to change, add, delete and manage the flow of content. No more struggling to decipher unknown terminologies or sifting through a mass of data to find what you’re looking for. Our self-service portal places you firmly in the driver’s seat, so you can take complete control over your content and make things a whole lot easier, quicker and more productive.