2018 Payables Insight Research Report 2018 Payables Insight Research Report

What makes a market-leading enterprise? One likely aspect: reliance on automated solutions to manage payables, including invoice receipt and management, electronic payments, working capital optimization, and reporting and analytics. These systems allow procurement teams more time to be strategic, rather than tactical, greatly enhancing the contributions they make toward enterprise growth.

At this point, nobody’s disputing the criticality of automating payables processes. Rather, the dilemma faced by many procurement leaders and enterprises is ― where and how to begin?

This new report from PayStream and GEP ― 2018 Payables Insight Report ― explores current trends in payables process automation. It also highlights key accounts payable automation features and capabilities enterprises must look for in a procurement software.  

Inside the report:

  • Current-state metrics across different payables archetypes
  • Latest innovation in accounts payable management tools
  • Where to begin in automating payables

This guide will be indispensable for companies looking to transform procurement processes and drive greater efficiency. Get your complimentary copy today.

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