Resilience and Sustainability in the Cost-Plus World Resilience

Businesses fear that as much as 10% of their 2022 revenues is at risk because of supply chain disruptions — 68.8% of the respondents in a survey by The Economist believe so.

Supply chain resilience is now a top priority for businesses, often overriding cost efficiency. 

But how are companies planning to achieve this resiliency? 

By actively managing risks, reveals Resilience and Sustainability in the Cost-Plus World, the new Economist Impact report commissioned by GEP. Top supply chain leaders, including Susan Johnson of AT&T and Pardeep Gill of Ameren, share insights on how businesses are prioritizing supply chain visibility, sustainability and predictive analytics to mitigate risks, and how technology can help them gain the upper hand in a future characterized by uncertainty.

What’s Inside: 

  • How to protect supply chains from the impact of disruptions
  • Transforming supply chains with data, automation, AI
  • The need for better, long-term strategies for risk management

A must-read for business, supply chain, procurement and finance leaders looking to guide their enterprises successfully through turbulence.

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