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Quick Reference Dashboard

Spend visibility. That’s what it’s all about. Being able to see what you are spending on, with whom, where and how. Now, of course, you should expect to be able to create any report you want. Let’s say you need to know how many suppliers you have purchased a particular commodity from in Europe, in the last three months. That’s easy. GEP SMART’s in-depth spend reporting tools can let you do just that.

But you don’t want to do that every time you need an update, particularly if you need to see the same reports on a regular basis. That’s where the spend dashboards come in.

In addition to unlimited scope for creating reports, the spend dashboards give you an instant, interactive, up-to-date view of your spend. You can drill down and filter the graphical dashboards to run some instant spend analysis, and you can specify as many dashboards as you want.

Need a dashboard for each key category manager? No problem. The executive level view is instant, easy to use, and provides all of the business intelligence your colleagues need to truly understand your organization’s spend.

For the real nitty-gritty, there is analytical reporting. Power users can create any report, using any combination of data fields. These reports can be turned into charts and graphs, and published across the business, all from within GEP SMART.


Spend Analysis

Understand spend quickly and easily. Move from line-item to enterprise-wide with a click. Optimize savings opportunities based on your sourcing strategy

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Savings Tracking

Gain real-time visibility into your cost-savings initiatives and their impact. Eliminate redundancy and error from data capture, tracking and measurement

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Quickly identify, evaluate and qualify new suppliers. Streamline your RFX-to-award cycle, achieve best-value agreements whenever you source

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Contract Management

Reduce the time, effort and paper used to create, manage and monitor contracts. Boost contract utilization and increase spend compliance

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Supplier Management

Monitor thousands of suppliers; use scorecards, surveys, alerts, status and summary reports; track, measure and optimize supplier performance

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Boost adoption, increase spend under management with a consumer-like purchasing experience; improve compliance and reduce the req-to-pay cycle time

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