Identify the right suppliers, quickly Identify the right suppliers, quickly

Comprehensive Supplier Intelligence and Risk Management

With so much information about all your suppliers, how do you identify a group of select suppliers for a new sourcing wave? How do you proactively manage supplier risk? How do you reduce exposure to global business risk and liability? It’s a combination of capabilities, credentials, commercials and experience that determine whether a supplier is right for your business. You need a supplier intelligence system that lets you find the right suppliers, based on the criteria that are important to you.

And, how would you ascertain that your supplier of choice doesn’t add to your risk score? GEP has partnered with Global Risk Management Solutions (GRMS), which specializes in obtaining and analyzing the specific data needed to assess supplier risk — data that most companies would struggle to obtain on their own. Together, we provide leading global enterprises with innovative supplier risk assessment programs to mitigate and continuously monitor risk for U.S.-based and internationally located suppliers.

GEP SMARTTM also makes supplier segmentation quick and easy. Of course, you can assign status flags to your suppliers. Preferred, qualified, blacklisted – whatever you want them to be. But you might have more complex requirements beyond that. Let’s say you want to find a group of suppliers who can provide a particular service, in a specific country, and who have a strong rating for environmental protection. GEP SMART’s intelligent search capabilities let you find and select suppliers according to any datum, right down to a single answer provided in a questionnaire in the past.

GEP SMART gives you complete access to all the information you need to shortlist suppliers based on your business’s unique requirements. And all this with just a few clicks or taps. Identifying the right suppliers was never this easy.