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Managing and optimizing supplier performance is both critical and challenging. Price isn’t everything. Your suppliers may be invoicing you within the agreed pricing, but if the service isn’t up to the mark or if the goods are substandard, you are not going to hit the savings target.

Measuring, evaluating and keeping track of supplier performance are key to ensuring that your projected savings are realized. GEP SMARTTM gives you a comprehensive set of vendor performance management tools to optimize your relationship with suppliers in a way that best suits your business needs.

Supplier scorecards give you the power to capture quantitative and qualitative performance data, opinions and feedback about each supplier. You can build scorecards for a category, on a country-by-country basis, for a group of selected suppliers, or even a different scorecard for each supplier. It’s up to you. The software doesn’t tell you how to evaluate your suppliers, you tell the software.

The scorecards can run automatically, perhaps every quarter, and the results can come in from across your company, from production data that’s straight out of the ERP system or even from the supplier themselves – including from their ERP. All your suppliers’ performance scores and KPIs are linked to the supplier master data in GEP SMART. So the next time you’re talking to a supplier, you’ll have all the details you need for the discussion in one place – with just a few clicks or taps.

Get Up-To-Date, Accurate and Reliable Supplier Information With GEP SMART Supplier Management Software

Multi-System Integration

GEP SMART integrates seamlessly with existing enterprise systems — ERPs, SRMs or sourcing tools — to create new supplier records and update transactions. Supplier master data is validated and cleansed automatically while loading.

Data Integrity

GEP SMART ’s Supplier Master Data Management tool automatically aggregates, cleans and normalizes supplier data records. It then compares the supplier master data to GEP SMART s Vendor Master for verification and quality assurance.

Iterative Processing

Supplier MDM processes data in batch and real-time cadences. Real-time services execute at point of entry, record creation and updates. Batch services execute against existing supplier records during migration and initial integration.

Workflow & Administration

Review actions taken by the Supplier MDM tool ensure enterprises have a single, trusted source of truth for all supplier data. Users can centrally govern master data using configurable business rules, enabled processes and workflows.

Vendor Master

GEP SMART ’s vendor master acts as a trustworthy primary source for the master data records of every supplier in the enterprise. This ensures that the supplier risk and performance modules are consistently stocked with accurate vendor data.

Live Supplier Record

Supplier MDM removes duplicates and enriches records with verified updates, ensuring accurate and up-to-date data. It also provides holistic visibility into supplier history and performance across operating units, time, and geography.