NB Ventures, Inc. Offers GEP SMART Through Texas DIR Contract No. DIR-CPO-4724 NB Ventures, Inc. Offers GEP SMART Through Texas DIR Contract No. DIR-CPO-4724


GEP is proud to offer GEP SMART™, our award-winning, unified source-to-pay procurement software solution to the state of Texas and its related entities, including state and local governments, agencies, authorities and higher education institutions, at 25% off the MSRP through Texas DIR Contract No. DIR-CPO-4724. Our vendor name is NB Ventures, Inc., and we are a certified MWBE provider.

Our AI-powered, cloud-native procurement suite offers comprehensive spend, sourcing and procurement functionality in a single, powerful, user-friendly platform that automates and simplifies the most difficult processes, boosting resilience, growth and development. It’s why hundreds of Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies rely on GEP SMART to operate more efficiently and effectively. And now it’s your turn.

Read on for a description of the products and services covered under this contract. You can also use our pricing calculator to easily configure GEP SMART to your needs and immediately obtain your no-hassle contracted cost.

What GEP SMART Can Do for You

Our market-leading procurement software can help you solve the unique challenges of your increasingly complex environment, so your team can focus on high-priority customer needs and critical organizational gaps.

No matter where you are on your digital transformation journey, GEP SMART can ease your path and deliver greater savings by providing:

Faster sourcing of higher-quality goods, for less

Enhanced transparency, risk management and resilience

Integrated reporting of numerous dimensions, including supplier performance and contract visibility, that helps users easily monitor contract execution and compliance

User-first design, advanced functionality, and ease of use that offers end-to-end visibility and control over the entire source-to-pay process


Powerful S2P integration that lets users create contracts directly from supplier offers

Intelligently conceived software with natural language processing and cutting-edge search technologies that put supplier and purchase information always at your fingertips

Powerful collaboration functionality that makes sourcing a productive and satisfying experience across teams

Easy implementation and unparalleled customer service that’s always available

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Products and Services Covered Under the Contract

The following GEP SMART products and services are among those included in the Texas DIR Cooperative Contracts, which you can see here.

  • Sourcing: Quickly identify, evaluate and qualify new suppliers, streamline sourcing events and achieve best-value agreements. Learn more.
  • Contract Management: Seamlessly link between procurement, legal, sales and other stakeholders across the contract life cycle — in one configurable suite allowing contract authoring, aggregation and collaboration in a central repository. Learn more.
  • Supplier Management: Monitor thousands of suppliers, use scorecards, surveys, alerts, status and summary reports, and track, measure and optimize supplier performance. Learn more.
  • Spend Analytics: Understand spend quickly and easily, move from line item to enterprise-wide view with one click and strategically optimize savings opportunities. Learn more.
  • Invoicing: Intelligently automate invoice handling processes, including validation, matching and reconciliation to drive savings and improve supplier relationships. This is next-gen invoice management at your fingertips. Learn more.
  • Procure-to-Pay: Boost adoption and spend under management with a consumer-like purchasing experience that lets you improve compliance and reduce cycle times. Learn more.
  • Catalog Management: Harness an array of options to create, manage and align catalogs to mission-critical categories and ensure purchasing remains consistent with savings targets. Learn more.
  • Project and Portfolio Management: Effectively analyze, strategize and manage your portfolios, saving time and costs across the board. Learn more.
  • Other add-ons, implementation services and related functionalities: Contact us to learn more.

Pricing: Choose Your GEP SMART Options, Get Your Cost

GEP SMART is yours for 25% off MSRP. Add your desired features and usage to our pricing tool and immediately see your exclusive pricing compared to the MSRP. Try it out now.


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Note: This pricing is derived from the agreement between GEP and Texas DIR and is intended to illustrate the cost of annual subscription and/or implementation and/or additional service for specific configurations of GEP SMART software. While this pricing is intended to be accurate for those items listed, it is not exhaustive and does not constitute a quote or offer by GEP for a specific product or service. View our entire pricing schedule here. For detailed quotes, please contact GEP.

Contact Us to Obtain a Quote or Place a Purchase Order

GEP welcomes your inquiry. To receive a quote, place a purchase order or get additional information, please contact:

Suresh Visvanathan
Global Head of Software Sales
GEP Worldwide

100 Walnut Avenue,
Clark, NJ 07066
+1 703-609-3485 (mobile)

Please reference the contract number DIR-CPO-4724 when requesting quotes or placing purchase orders.

Our Designated Subcontractors

GEP works with the following subcontractors:

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Mark Kubena
GB Tech

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Houston, Texas 77058
HUB Certification #: 1760163628900

Warranty and Return Information

View our Service Level Agreement for warranty information. A customer who terminates the contract pursuant to the contract terms is entitled to the return of pre-paid unused license fees.

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