SMART Source to Pay Technology SMART Source to Pay Technology

SMART Source to Pay (S2P) Technology

SMART Source to Pay, also known as SMART S2P, brings together end-to-end procurement functionality — from strategic sourcing, spend management and vendor management to savings tracking, accounts payable and more — for both direct and indirect spend in a single, unified platform.

The SMART Source to Pay solution eliminates the need to have separate, standalone modules, which present numerous challenges such as lack of integration, poor data visibility and low user adoption and compliance.

Intelligent, Intuitive, Easy to Use

SMART Source to Pay is the industry’s leading procurement software platform that has been designed according to how sourcing and procurement professionals really work.

SMART S2P system has among the highest user adoption rates in the industry. Its intuitive, user-friendly design, intelligent interfaces, the ability to move fluidly from task to task and work seamlessly on any platform and any device drive user adoption and compliance.

SMART Source to Pay technology has no silos and no seams that slow down sourcing and procurement processes. Data and processes flow seamlessly, anticipating follow-on actions, thus enabling users to complete tasks quickly, without error.

Native to Cloud and Mobile Technologies

SMART Source to Pay platform is native to cloud, touch and mobile technologies. It has been designed and purpose-built for flawless operation in the cloud.

Its mobile-native design is perfect for a world where professionals are increasingly untethered from physical offices, enabling them to manage procurement processes from wherever they are. Users can access it anywhere, anytime, and on any iOS or Android device — tablet, mobile, laptop or PC.

What SMART Source to Pay offers

GEP SMARTTM unifies the entire range of procurement software into a single platform, simplifying and optimizing the functionality.

Process Automation

It automates and speeds up all source-to-pay processes, thereby freeing up resources for more value-added work.

Spend Analysis

The SMART Source to Pay tool cleanses, validates, classifies and reports spend data from all source systems to provide accurate, actionable information, with granular, item-level visibility across the enterprise.

Savings Tracking

The software makes it easy to plan, execute and track all cost-saving initiatives by bringing all relevant information onto a single platform with real-time visibility.


It optimizes sourcing by helping identify and evaluate suppliers, streamlining the RFX-to-award cycle through electronic tendering and auctions, and achieving best-value agreements.

Vendor Management

Streamline the management of supplier information; monitor vendors across the supply chain; use supplier scorecards, surveys, alerts and summary reports; track, measure and optimize supplier performance with SMART S2P technology.

Contract Management

It optimizes the process of creating, managing, monitoring and modifying contracts with suppliers, reducing the time, effort and paperwork involved.

Catalog Management

The SMART S2P solution brings everything together in one place, making it easy for buyers to find, compare and purchase the goods and services they want. Users can select from pre-approved catalogs without worrying about compliance or approvals, and even purchase directly from the supplier’s ecommerce portal.

Purchase Order and Invoice Management

It eliminates paperwork and errors by receiving and processing purchase orders, invoices and other documents.

SMART S2P – Great Software, Happy Users™

GEP SMART unifies the entire range of procurement software into a single platform, simplifying and optimizing the functionality.

With all these tools built into the SMART S2P software, businesses can streamline their entire sourcing and procurement activities. Drive significant process efficiencies, cut down source-to-settle cycle time and improve bottom-line savings with SMART S2P tools.

Enhanced Efficiency: Complete automation of all source-to-pay processes minimizes paperwork, improves process efficiency and productivity.

Reduced Costs: It integrates, consolidates and centralizes processes, reduces delays and errors, all of which help reduce costs.

Complete Spend Visibility: The platform gives complete visibility of all spend throughout the purchasing cycle.

Resource Optimization: Businesses save time, effort and money spent on paperwork and repetitive tasks and can focus on activities that drive more value.

Better Compliance: Easy availability of data and transparency enable greater control over the entire procurement process and ensure better policy compliance.

That’s not all. The SMART S2P platform accelerates digital transformation and lifts the procurement operation to a new level, magnifying its strategic reach and impact within the business.

Platform for Innovation

GEP is continuously adding to the SMART Source to Pay platform’s breadth and depth of features and functionality, and has incorporated new and emerging technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data Analytics.

These technologies enable procurement to find new growth avenues and demonstrate its true value within the enterprise.

AI: The AI capabilities built into SMART S2P execute processes across the source-to-pay spectrum, taking huge volumes of data from multiple sources and converting it into a single, coherent whole.

RPA: The software leverages the power of RPA, incorporating AI and machine learning to perform repetitive, conventionally time-consuming tasks and freeing procurement teams to focus more on strategies.

Big Data Analytics: Analytical technologies can tie together internal and external data, structured and unstructured data for deeper insights that enable better planning and effectiveness.

SMART Source to Pay Consulting Services

GEP’s unified approach to digital procurement transformation helps clients more rapidly deploy the resources required to power a high-performance digital procurement organization. Our SMART Source to Pay Consulting Services help clients drive greater value from their investments in digital procurement and automation technologies.

GEP’s SMART S2P consulting services involve implementing a robust procurement support infrastructure, acquiring the necessary resources and tools, reviewing technology requirements and deploying best-fit solutions for our clients. To learn more about GEP’s SMART Source to Pay Consulting Services, contact us today.