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You’ve heard all about the advantages of learning multiple languages. Within business enterprises today, there are two groups that would give the whole company a big boost if they learned each other’s language: procurement and IT.

Beyond IT sourcing, this is especially critical when procurement is looking to transform itself digitally. To achieve maturity, procurement needs to choose and deploy procurement software that will enable true step change and a new role as strategic contributor to business outcomes. Disruptive digital technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT and blockchain, have made the IT team even more critical in helping enterprise procurement teams select the right technology and tools to transform their operations.

Why Watch This Webcast:

  • Learn about how a closer IT-procurement collaboration can benefit the two teams as well as the larger organization
  • Get a briefing on the current state of the procurement software market and what the top selection criteria should be
  • Find out how IT can provide enterprise-wide leadership by driving procurement’s digital workplace transformation

Don’t miss this insightful discussion for success-oriented members of both the procurement and IT teams.