The Secrets of Successful Category Management The Secrets of Successful Category Management

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

Best-in-class procurement organizations are increasingly turning to category management to increase their reach and impact on the enterprise. But that’s not all. More and more procurement leaders are now looking at category management outsourcing as an effective lever to drive higher strategic value and growth.

Everest Group’s research shows that an increasing number of Procurement Outsourcing engagements — a 16 percent rise in the last five years — now include category management in their scope. What’s driving this trend? How can your enterprise benefit from it? And how do you get started?

In this webcast, The Secrets of Successful Category Management, featured guest experts from Everest Group and GEP executives discuss the key value drivers and benefits of category management outsourcing. They also share the common challenges that enterprises face in outsourcing category management and the steps to mitigate them.

Inside the webcast:

It's a must-watch webcast for all procurement pros looking to deliver higher savings, improve supplier performance, mitigate risks, and drive innovation for the enterprise.

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