Digital Procurement Transformation 101– Process Digital Procurement Transformation 101– Process

Procurement’s role is becoming increasingly complex, and increasingly integral to enterprise-wide performance. But many procurement teams find themselves encumbered by legacy processes and past investments, forcing them to settle for unsatisfactory status quos.

Digital procurement transformation can be the key to a fresh start and true step change — but where and how to begin?

In this new white paper, Digital Procurement Transformation 101 — Process: The Path Toward a New Procurement Function, experts from Supply Management Insider and GEP share four critical steps for transforming procurement processes and building capabilities to withstand market volatility. The paper also highlights how enterprises can remove barriers between source-to-contract and procure-to-pay processes as well as enable supplier-driven innovation.

This paper is the second in a three-part series on digital procurement transformation. The first and third papers focus on the other two pillars of digital transformation: people and technology.

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