Digital Procurement Transformation 101 Digital Procurement Transformation 101

The major buzz in procurement right now is all about digital transformation and how it can enable real step change in outcomes and enterprise-wide impacts. But simply changing technological tools or updating processes will not deliver results unless you address one other critical factor: People.

Technology may be able to manage an increasing array of tasks, but people will always manage the business. This new white paper from Supply Management Insider and GEP SMART, Digital Procurement Transformation 101: The Human Factor in the Momentum for Change, explains why the prospects for successful digital transformation depend so heavily on stakeholder relationships.

This paper is the first in a three-part series on digital procurement transformation. The second and third papers focus on the other two pillars of digital transformation: process and technology.

Download now to learn why hearts and minds are just as important to procurement teams, if not more so, than hardware and software. 

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