Source-to-Pay Transformation Source-to-Pay Transformation

While source-to-pay (S2P) is undeniably displacing the more transactionally-oriented procure-to-pay (P2P) as procurement’s core business process, this has not necessarily resulted in much of a shift in perceptions as to S2P’s potential contribution to any organization.

While the focus often tends to be on the “hard” and tangible benefits usually associated with source-to-pay S2P — such as greater procurement policy enforcement, more efficient processes, higher levels of spend under management, and reduced maverick spending — the true value of S2P to the organization goes beyond the value of the savings it generates, the goods and services purchased or the efficiencies it unlocks.

GEP and Procurement Leaders bring you an insightful new report — “Source-to-Pay Transformation: The Real Value of Unified Procurement Technology” — in which a cross-section of procurement experts discuss the real objectives that S2P accomplishes for the organization: getting away from the mundane and tedious aspects of procurement and sourcing decisions, and focusing instead on the strategic needs of the business.

Give your complimentary copy a read today — learn what an S2P transformation can do for your procurement operations, and get tips on the right way to implement it.

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