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With one of the largest, most accomplished procurement consulting teams in the world, GEP helps enterprise procurement groups at hundreds of Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies rapidly achieve more efficient, more effective operations, with greater reach, improved performance and increased impact.

Like you, we measure this success in real terms – not in the number of report pages, nor in the potential value of recommendations, but by the actual savings we deliver and help sustain over time.

From assessment through program design to execution, from strategy through implementation to continual improvement, we’re with you all the way, delivering accelerated outcomes that delight both you and your C-suite.

Consulting Services

GEP is a recognized leader in procurement transformation, enabling clients to develop the methods and means to gain sustainable, continually improving results, in collaboration with suppliers and internal stakeholders.


GEP is uniquely positioned to advise clients across their procurement platform and is adept at bringing to bear its category and transformation expertise to help them achieve their organizational, supply management, and process efficiency objectives.

– Kennedy Consulting / ALM Intelligence

Insight Drives Value

In procurement, expertise drives insight and insight drives value. GEP consultants are industry specialists, highly focused on the particular requirements and realities of distinct competitive markets.

At the same time, they actively share learnings with GEP colleagues across a broad range of industries and, in turn, receive new insights from them. This cross-pollination by design creates a fertile problem-solving environment at GEP that frequently sparks breakthrough thinking and uncommon value.

Our consultants have helped clients succeed in more than two dozen industries and industry segments, including:

Market Leaders Rely on GEP

GEP has helped scores of leading global enterprises achieve ambitious objectives, helping restructure and revitalize enterprise teams with improved organization, processes and technology.

How have we helped so many clients achieve success so consistently?

Truth is there is no magic bullet. Every client, every culture or every challenge is a bit different. So we sustain each and every consulting engagement with open minds and, perhaps more importantly, open ears. 

Without exception, you can expect GEP to bring together some of the most accomplished professionals in procurement – many of them recognized thought leaders in their respective specialties – to design procurement strategies and solutions configured to your specific objectives, your team, your company and its culture.

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