Supply Chain Risk Management

With increasingly complex global supply chains, higher levels of outsourcing and enhanced regulatory requirements, organizational exposure to third-party risk is on the rise.

Enterprises across the world are now focusing on cushioning themselves against such risks by developing comprehensive supply chain risk management strategies and frameworks to mitigate vulnerability and ensure business continuity.

GEP's supply chain risk management services enable clients to proactively assess, prioritize, mitigate and manage risk for improved business results.

Extensive Risk Management Portfolio

 Our focus on supply chain risk spans multiple dimensions, including geo-political, environmental, industry, reputational, financial and operational risks. We also segment these further into short-term, medium-term and long-term risks to better prioritize action plans.

Multiple Sources of Inputs

GEP utilizes inputs from multiple client data sources (spend data, inventory levels, supplier score-cards, contract data, supplier audit data, supplier surveys) and external sources (supplier financial performance, social media feeds, news articles, trend forecasts, etc.). We also use a proprietary intelligence algorithm to collect real-time data feeds from thousands of sources, using key phrases to identify patterns and trends.

Augmented, Artificial Intelligence Data Analysis

GEP's intelligence algorithm consolidates and classifies the input data to identify patterns and trends. These results are augmented by a team of experienced analysts. The engine provides specific recommendations on current and future risks through Predictive Modeling.

Prioritized Action Plans

Each risk type is prioritized based on "event likelihood" and "business impact". Also, short-term risks are tagged as "urgent" whereas longer-term risks are tagged as "strategic". We also devise suitable mitigation plans and escalation mechanisms for these risks.

Intuitive, Informative Reporting

With a wide array of real-time data inputs and extensive analysis engines, we realize the need to provide timely information in an intuitive manner to different types of stakeholders. GEP offers supply chain management dashboards tailored for executive and operational stakeholders, with multiple drill down and alert options.

Count on GEP

Managing supply chain risk effectively is an increasingly important priority for global organizations. GEP's well-honed approach ensures that companies implement the right level of structure, rigor and consistency in managing supply chain risks across multiple business units, functions and regions.

Our unique combination of robust processes, big data feeds, augmented artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and reporting frameworks helps organizations proactively identify and mitigate supply chain risks.

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