Supply Chain Dashboards

The high volatility in the global business environment makes it necessary for supply chains to be more agile and resilient. And to achieve that, supply chain leaders need greater supply chain visibility for timely and effective decision-making.

Whether you're looking to improve your organizational KPIs or enhance supplier performance, GEP's supply chain dashboards provide decisive insights to help you monitor and manage your supply chain performance more effectively.

GEP | Supply Chain Dashboard

Disparate data sources, tight deadlines, and demanding customers (both internal and external) typify the environment faced by today’s supply chain professionals. GEP’s supply chain dashboards, with highly customizable and standardized key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics, allow efficient review of supply chain operations throughout the chain — across regions, business units, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and even brands and channels.

GEP’s Supply Chain Dashboards – At a Glance

GEP’s supply chain dashboards give supply chain professionals a better view of every aspect of their supply chain, allowing them to uncover smoldering trouble spots and initiate action before they turn into bigger challenges. They also provide mechanisms to track the progress of various supply chain initiatives against identified metrics. Dashboards can be deployed rapidly and seamlessly into your supply chain network and with user-friendly interfaces, can also be customized to your organization’s needs.

Why GEP’s Supply Chain Dashboards?

With GEP's powerful dashboards, you'll have all the information you need, right at your fingertips — anytime, anywhere.

  • Standardized Metrics: Commonly defined metrics across time, geographies and categories; benchmarks against industry standards
  • Data Visibility: Meaningful data visualization and key trends through dashboard views with drill-down capability to a granular view of operations
  • Intuitive Interface: Intelligent user-friendly functionality allows effortless viewing and analysis
  • Customized Reports: Tailor data analysis to various business needs; schedule reports to run regularly in conjunction with internal progress meetings
  • Centralized Repository: Secure access to an online platform for all consolidated supply chain management metric data for effective data storage and use
  • Performance Evaluation: Executive summary dashboards and plant performance visualizers make it easy to track progress against targets, at all levels
  • System Automation: Feed data directly from multiple ERP systems and management reports

GEP’s supply chain KPI dashboards enhance data visibility by delivering intuitive visuals that measure current performance against historical trends and targets, providing supply chain stakeholders with the insight needed to take targeted action.

A portfolio of interactive charts, coupled with our streamlined data collection process, cuts through the clutter, freeing up time for your team to focus on advanced analysis and action because you’re working with real-time information.

With effective and responsive supply chain performance dashboards, enterprises can make better, timely decisions to drive value to customers, shareholders, and various stakeholders across the supply chain.