What is Purchase Requisition?

Purchase requisition is a document within an organization to enable the creation of a request to purchase goods or services. Employees simply need to fill out the purchase requisition to start the process of purchasing, which starts with approval. The procurement team within the enterprise then tries to secure the right deal — for each category and with each supplier. However, the use of a purchase order management system  can efficiently and effectively manage the purchasing part of the process and drastically reduce the workload.

Advanced procurement software systems  are robust and flexible, and can create requisitions and orders, and then process them through to paid invoices. Intuitive, easy-to-use purchasing systems can immensely ease the process of buying goods and services employees require, without complex protocols or processes.

GEP SMART™  has intuitive catalogs, search capabilities, shopping carts, with familiar look and feel of consumer shopping experience — with real-time tracking of purchase orders.