Procurement Strategy

Expectations from the boardroom and C-suite are rising precipitously. To meet them, enterprise procurement organizations need to innovate, reinvent and transform themselves. This means taking a fresh look at the current procurement structure and ensuring its alignment with your business objectives today.

At GEP, we believe in nothing less than procurement excellence. It's not about being better — it's about being best in class. We'll help you develop an organization-wide procurement strategy — aligned with your business goals — that's engineered for success.

GEP’s four-pronged approach sets the path to create winning strategies for leading enterprises across the globe.

  • Procurement Benchmarking

  • Opportunity Identification

  • Category Planning

  • Technology Enablement

Procurement Benchmarking

What can't be measured, can't be improved. That's why, at GEP, we do first things first — assess your procurement organization's performance to know where it stands currently and where it needs to go, based on your business vision and objectives. We benchmark your procurement processes and technology against best-in-class practices using relevant KPIs and then develop a transition roadmap.

Opportunity Identification

A key objective of every procurement organization is to generate maximum value for the enterprise by identifying cost reduction areas, including savings opportunities, wherever possible. GEP helps you identify these opportunities — whether they involve a make-or-buy decision, low-cost country sourcing, or achieving post-merger synergies from your procurement organization. We base all of this on a clear understanding of your corporate strategy, prevalent market conditions, and consumer demand.

Category Planning

In category planning, one size does not fit all. A focused approach to planning and budgeting creates the right foundation for evaluating opportunities and managing risks ― especially with volatile commodities like raw materials and energy. We help our clients plan their spending in key categories by analyzing market trends and impending price fluctuations. Our market intelligence teams track trends in key markets to anticipate these variances and help you plan accurately.

Technology Enablement

At GEP, we believe sourcing and procurement technology must adapt to your business needs. We help you make the right technology investments to catalyze an agile and responsive sourcing process. SMART by GEP, our proprietary, cloud-native procurement software, can be configured to your requirements and help you improve transparency and information sharing across regions and business units.

Higher Impact, Greater Value

GEP combines a laser focus on procurement with an expansive global footprint that leverages top talent from around the world.

Unified Procurement Solutions for Success

If we know one thing, it’s that procurement should have an impact on the enterprise far beyond the sum of its parts.

A unified procurement solution — integrating strategy, services, and software — can be the key to greater productivity and savings. It can be an accelerator toward fulfillment of current business imperatives across all sectors:

  • to run leaner and meaner
  • to be agile and responsive to customers and stakeholders, and
  • to base strategic decision-making on data and analytics

All Things Procurement Under One Roof

We provide the industry's widest range of procurement offerings and solutions. Our end-to-end source-to-pay portfolio includes:

  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Supplier Management
  • Compliance Tracking
  • Spend Analysis
  • Contract and Transactions Management

… and much more. We also can deploy our own procurement software platform, SMART by GEP, providing technology that delivers ultimate value to clients.

GEP people are active on every continent and in every major economic market, including Brazil, Russia, India, China, Mexico, Continental Europe including Germany, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. That's one more reason we offer more value than anyone else.