Buying Through the Right Channel Buying Through the Right Channel

Guided Buying System for Procurement

It’s quick, it’s compliant and it’s smart.

No more searching through individual files or vendor catalogs to buy what you want. Guided buying from GEP SMARTTM helps enterprise users purchase goods and services through the best buy-pay channel and from preferred suppliers.

GEP SMART’s guided buying functionality is powered by artificial intelligence. The intuitive buying interface gathers inputs from end users and scours through internal and legacy system databases to direct them to the right place to make a purchase. And the guided buying process can be fine-tuned to suit buying preferences, drive higher compliance and ensure optimal use of favored purchasing channels — irrespective of the ERP system deployed.

GEP SMART puts every major purchasing portal as well as key category insights on your fingertips — enabling you to make smart buying decisions. And with the software doing all the heavy lifting, users can focus on delivering their core responsibilities and maximizing value from the purchase.