Multi-way matching

GEP SMARTTM helps enterprises intelligently manage complex buying and payment processes while reducing invoice processing cycle times.

The unified procurement software receives supplier invoices through EDI, email or hard copies (brought into GEP SMART using OCR) and uses customer-specific policies and artificial intelligence to validate these invoices against original purchase orders and negotiated prices with configurable tolerances and matching rules.

Cloud-native, platform-agnostic GEP SMART seamlessly integrates with your ERP system and performs a two-way or three-way match based on preset tolerances, configurable rules and user guidelines. It feeds the matches, rejections or exceptions into an optimized workflow that empowers the buyer to review and accept the invoice, make amends or reach out to suppliers for clarification or with a changed order.

This powerful source-to-pay platform delivers a truly automated invoice-matching process – with only true exceptions requiring manual intervention. And, with everything stored on a single database, GEP SMART improves traceability of purchase orders and invoices, promotes transparency and boosts auditability. It increases visibility into outstanding obligations and helps in optimizing working capital by capitalizing on early payment discounts.



Invoice Reconciliation

Automate your invoice reconciliation process to eliminate errors, mitigate risks and reduce the burden on your Accounts Payable team and enable greater strategic insights

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Supplier Interaction

Enable supplier self-service, promote transparent buyer-supplier information exchange and build win-win partnerships with cloud-native GEP SMART

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Multi-Way Matching

With AI-powered GEP SMART, validate invoices against original purchase orders and negotiated prices with configurable tolerances and matching rules – all at the click of a button

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Dynamic Discounting

Automate your discount management process and improve cash management. The powerful procurement platform can also notify your AP team about upcoming payment-driven savings opportunities

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Reduce invoice processing cycle time and boost supplier participation while improving spend visibility and optimizing cash flow with GEP SMART’s electronic invoice receipt management function

Exception Handling

Maximize your invoice processing throughput with minimal input. Enable your buyers to resolve most of the issues that might cause an invoice exception before it even reaches your AP team