Scan. Automate. Scale invoice and AP productivity. Scan. Automate. Scale invoice and AP productivity.

Optical character recognition

GEP SMART AP Automation eliminates manual invoice processing. Goodbye, time-consuming re-entry of information already in your system. When combined with our multi-way matching functions, the optical character recognition (OCR) data extraction flow helps ensure accurate and rapid invoice processing. Suppliers can choose whatever invoice layout they want, and the technology will process it with ease.

GEP SMART AP Automation rapidly scans unstructured data and transforms it into a readable document for you with great accuracy, minimizing the need to do it manually. Users who have paper-based and/or digital PDF invoices can leverage the built-in OCR technology to not only speed up the invoicing process but also ensure accuracy of the invoice. Suppliers can send invoices in any format without having to worry.

It will work with any PDF type, which is incredibly helpful to your suppliers who use a wide range of invoice types. GEP SMART AP Automation compares information it receives from the OCR engine with PO information and the supplier master data to improve the accuracy of the generated invoice.

The GEP OCR engine is driven by our proprietary AI, GEP MINERVA™, which can intelligently machine-learn a spectrum of layouts of an invoice on a PDF — making it incredibly efficient to handle hundreds of thousands of invoices from your supplier and third parties. There’s an added benefit: The AP Automation Software also increases the accuracy of your internal buying and budgeting. No more human error in data entry, misspellings or incorrect supplier information.