Humans vs. Machines Humans vs. Machines

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

Procurement is going to look very different in just a few years. New technologies such as AI, machine learning, RPA, and bots are taking over many of the function’s routine, repetitive and time-consuming activities. It’s clear that many traditional procurement responsibilities are changing, along with practitioners’ roles.

Procurement professionals are starting to ask: What does this mean for me? How are automation and digital transformation going to redefine the function, as well as my career?

In this webcast, presented by CIPS and GEP, experts discuss the actual experience of digital procurement transformation, focusing on the interesting new opportunities that could present themselves to procurement people in the coming years. 

Key Discussion Points:

  • New possibilities and pathways created by disruptive technologies such as AI, bots, and machine learning
  • What digitization and automation in procurement can mean for its professionals
  • Practical steps to prepare yourself and your organization for procurement’s next phase

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