New Procurement Toys for the New Year New Procurement Toys for the New Year

This is a video recording of a recent live event.

Are you ready for the reinvention of procurement?

Digital transformation of business isn’t a theoretical conversation any more – it’s reality and it’s mandatory. And procurement isn’t exempt. Procurement organizations, bolstered by technological advancements, are being expected to embrace disruption and realize their untapped potential to make enterprises more efficient and competitive.

But when we talk about “technological advancements,” what do we mean? Blockchain? Internet of Things (IoT)? 3-D printing? Or something else just over the horizon that will rewrite the relationship between humans and machines?

In this webcast, Paul Blake from GEP and Andrew Bartolini from Ardent Partners discuss artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing and other innovative business technologies, and how these technologies will shape future procurement teams.

Don't miss this timely and important discussion targeted at all enterprising procurement pros.

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